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Radical SR10 XXR for Sale


Unencumbered by the restrictions of road legality, the SR10’s new features keep you on the track for longer, faster. Whether lapping casually at your local motorsport country club race track or dicing with GT and LMP competition in an around-the-clock enduro, the sole purpose for these lightweight high-performance car is to out-run and outmaneuver the competition whilst remaining easy to drive and cost-effective to run.

  • Long-life powertrain featuring six-speed Hewland transaxle
  • Latest AiM steering wheel with color display and engine strategy manettino switches
  • Optional power-steering, and tire pressure/temp sensors

Technical Details

0-60 Mph
3.5 Sec

Top Speed
180 MPH

Power at Flywheel
425 BHP

480 KG


Lateral Force
2.3 G


  • RPE-Ford 2261cc, 425bhp & 380Ib-ft, turbocharged engine with direct injection, twin-independent variable cam timing, and drive-by-wire throttle
  • Custom Garrett turbocharger
  • Forged Motorsport pistons, connecting rods and bespoke dry-sump system
  • Latest Life Racing ECU with detailed interrogation function for maintenance and analysis
  • High-flow racing exhaust system


  • Six-speed Hewland sequential transaxle
  • Radical developed paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper
  • Automatic torque-biasing limited slip differential
  • Mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive


  • Lightweight spaceframe chassis with FIA-specification safety cell and crash structure
  • LMP-inspired, high-downforce composite bodywork
  • LED race lighting including FIA high-intensity central rain light
  • Bi-plane high-downforce rear wing and under-body rear diffuser
  • Composite mirrors
  • Sculpted dual-angle rear wing endplates


  • Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal-length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, front and rear adjustable pushrods
  • Forged centre locked hubs
  • Interchangeable anti-roll bars
  • Intrax triple-adjustable dampers with Anti-Roll Control (ARC) technology


  • Radical four-pot calipers on 300mm x 35mm front, 300mm x 26mm rear fully-floating 48-vane disc brakes


  • Two-seater chassis with twin or single seat options optimized for use with a molded race seat insert
  • AiM Formula Wheel with integral LCD display, lightweight shift paddles, and on-wheel switching. Display functions include LCD rev counter, gear indicator, shift light, and engine/gearbox strategy manettino controls
  • Ergonomic dashboard with waterproof, backlit momentary touchpad
  • Dash-mounted brake bias adjuster
  • Wind deflector


  • Solid-state AiM Technologies Power Distribution Module (PDM) with Controller Area Network (CAN) linked wiring and telemetry
  • Data integration allowing additional data logging including tyre pressure and temperature monitoring, and laser ride height logging


  • FIA specification, foam filled 77L fuel cell
  • Full electronic fire extinguisher system


  • Radical centre lock, cast aluminium wheels - 8” × 15” dia. front and 10.5” × 16” dia. Rears
  • Bespoke slick & wet tyre options


  • Length: 4077 mm
  • Width: 1799 mm
  • Height: 1093 mm
  • Weight: circa 725 kg


  • Left-hand drive or right-hand drive
  • Single driver seat only (RHD or LHD)
  • Central seating position option


  • Engine oil pre-heater
  • Racing fuel sampling/drain kit
  • Trickle charger and jump starter pack
  • Choice of exhausts


  • Carbon-composite high downforce front dive planes
  • Air jack system


  • AIM SmartyCam video system with GPS
  • Brake pressure and steering logging sensors


  • Advanced dynamic laser ride height (front and rear) logging
  • Race tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system
  • Suspension logging sensors
  • Dry-break refuelling system
  • Additional fuel dump churn
  • EPAS power steering
  • Forward-facing stay head protectors
  • Halo head restraint
  • Passenger belts and head rest
  • Bespoke tailored fit car cover
  • Radical graphics kit
  • Custom graphics kit
  • Stone guard protection system

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Radical SR10 XXR FAQs

Is the SR10 primarily a race car or is it also a fun track car?

While the SR10 is built to the same high race specifications of all of Radical’s SR and RXC series cars, it is an ideal choice for those who want a car with extreme track performance, but who aren’t yet committed to full wheel-to-wheel competitive racing. The combination of the torquey EcoBoost based powertrain, together with longer service intervals makes the SR10 the ideal car for avid track-day drivers, and especially for members of motorsport membership clubs, who have ready, sometimes daily, access to track driving.

Club members will especially appreciate the higher service intervals, club-friendly exhaust noise level, and quick start-up and warm-up procedure of the SR10 vs full race-spec cars - but with all the performance. Unlike many race-bred sportscar alternatives, the SR10 has a generous two-seat cockpit that can accommodate two adults, making the car perfect for race training, corporate entertainment or simply exciting your friends and family.

Where can I race the SR10?

The SR10 is eligible for a number of Radical ’s single-marque championships around the globe, including the premier Radical Cup North America, and Radical Nevada Cup winter series in Spain. More information on classes will be released in due course. In addition to Radical’s track activities, the SR10 is also eligible for and competitive in a wide number of third-party sportscar and sports-prototype championships worldwide.

Does the SR10 have any electronic driver aids?

Electronic power-assisted steering (EPAS) with adjustable, variable weighting is an option on the SR10, previously only available on the larger RXC platform. Engine and gearbox mapping strategy is adjustable from the steering wheel controls for different track and weather conditions, altering power characteristics and the paddle-shift gear change. Beyond this, the SR10 remains a true race-car experience, however, with unassisted brakes, and no ABS or traction control. The driver is in complete control of an unadulterated driving experience.

Can the SR10 be made road-legal?

The Radical SR10 is conceived as a track-only product – many areas of the specification from the race lighting kit, high-flow exhaust system and race-spec belts and seating are not suitable for use on the road. Radical does however offer the road-legal Rapture – a similar package of Ford EcoBoost powertrain and trackderived aerodynamics, but with features that mean the car can be registered for the road in certain markets.

Would the SR10 be a good choice for use at a motorsport mamber "Country Club"?

The SR10 is an ideal choice for motorsport and track member clubs; indeed, the car was developed with these clubs in mind. With club member’s ready – sometimes daily – access to track driving and on-site garaging facilities, the SR10 is the ideal car for putting down lots of laps. The combination of the torquey EcoBoost-based powertrain, light weight, and highly developed chassis and aerodynamics means owners will leave their friends in GT based track cars disappearing in their rear-view mirrors. Club members will especially appreciate the higher service intervals and club-friendly exhaust noise level.

Do I need a race technician to run the car?

A driver-owner well versed in the provided operating procedures of the SR10 could easily run it themself for track days and club racing events. The Ford-based engine provides for quicker warm-up procedures than more extreme powerplants, and the enhanced data functionality like the optional Tyre Temperature and Pressure Monitoring System, means that it is easier to run and set-up the car without a dedicated race technician.

If you would like the security of having someone be there to help you. Primal Motorsports is happy to lend a hand.

Is the car complicated to maintain?

Not at all – as with the rest of the SR range, the SR10’s key servicing points and consumables have all be designed to be easy to access, inspect and maintain. The car’s advanced LIFE engine management system can be interrogated either by the user, or remotely by Radical’s technical staff, and the unstressed nature of the EcoBoost engine means long rebuild intervals are assured.

Where will the car be built?

The SR10 has been designed and engineered, and will be solely built, in Radical’s production base in Peterborough, UK. From here cars are dispatched by road, air or sea freight to our dealers across the globe.

When will I be able to order the SR10?

Well, you're in luck, Primal Motorsports is a preferred Radical dealer and are happy to help you through every step of the way to secure your next track toy.