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Ride Along Experience

Get closer to the action than you ever dreamed possible as you strap in next to a real pro racing driver for the high-speed racing experience of your life. Imagine that feeling as the engine fires up and the gas pedal launches you into high-speed heaven! Get a front seat view of the fast and furious world of racing with the ultimate ride-along experience.

  • Ride shotgun and enjoy 5 high-speed laps around Atlanta Motorsports Park
  • 2022 Radical SR3XX 
  • Minimum age 12 years
This is the best way to experience the racetrack from the perspective of a professional driver. Watch in awe as a seasoned racing veteran powers you around the course at unimaginable speeds. This is a high octane, white knuckle ride you will never forget!

Price: $350


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The Radical SR3 XX
Ever wanted to experience 140+mph in an actual racecar around a racetrack? Don't miss your chance to ride with a professional driver around Atlanta Motorsports 2-mile Full Course. Ride in one of the most exciting race cars on the planet – the all new 2022 Radical SR3XX!
Powered by a 200HP Inline 4-cylinder RPE engine, mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox, this racing machine leaves its competitors in the dust. Weighing only 1,300lbs this race car offers exceptional cornering capability like you've never experienced! The aerodynamics mean the SR3XX gets pushed down into the asphalt at high speeds and creates a real thrill as you hit race speeds on the track. 


Fill out the contact form above and our racing school manager will reach out to you. He will send you a list of various dates and then send you a registration link with your preferred date to complete payment.

Yes! Safety gear will be provided which includes a race suit, helmet, and HANS device.

If your helmet has a Snell rating of SA2015 or newer then you can. You can find this rating on the inside of your helmet. If your not sure you can bring it and we can check for you.

We recommend a comfortable t-shirt, shorts, and closed-toe shoes. You will have your racing suit on overtop your clothes. 

Our lead instructor will start off slow to make sure your comfortable. At speed, you will go 130+mph and pull up to 2 lateral G's! It's an experience like no other!

Yes! Any friends and family can attend for free and take photos and video of the experience?

Yes! If you'd like a professional photographer to capture all the moments of this special experience we can give you pricing.

Yes! You can purchase gift certificates at

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