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RXC 600R Overview

Based on the flagship Radical RXC Spyder, the RXC 600R makes a slight trade-off of performance for luxury. It is the only Radical vehicle to feature a closed cockpit, and it can come appointed with opulent details like custom leather bucket seats and colored accent stitching.

Discerning drivers likely won’t notice the negligible dip in power considering the the 600R still shares the Spyder’s 2.7 second 0-60 time, 2.1 g’s of lateral grip, and 180 mph top speed. What they will notice is the increase in comfort and driveability that comes with sealing off the ultra-fast racer from the open air. There’s even an option for air conditioning to beat the Georgia heat during the hottest days on the AMP track.

With just 120 kg of additional weight and the joy that comes with a fully enclosed, climate-controlled cockpit, most drivers will consider the move to the 600R an upgrade rather than a compromise.

Technical Data

0 - 60

2.7 Sec

Top Speed

180 MPH

Power at Flywheel

650 BHP


1130 KG



Lateral Force

2.1 G

Radical RXC 500 v McLaren P1

Can the latest UK road-legal Radical top the Evo Leaderboard? Does it beat the McLaren P1's 1:11.2 lap time? We think you know the answer, but watch it anyway!

Radical RXC 600 Pricing From $209,900

  • Ford EcoBoost V6 3500cc 650bhp, twin turbocharged and intercooled
  • Latest Life Racing ECU
  • Bespoke 6-speed transverse Quaife gearbox
  • Formula 1TM ‘style’ paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper
  • Rear-wheel-drive
  • Fully adjustable roll bar system, front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones, cast uprights, forged centre locked hubs and interchangeable roll bars
  • Bespoke inboard triple adjustable Intrax dampers
  • Bespoke slick tyre
  • Bespoke wet tyre
  • Length: 4300 mm
  • Width: 1960 mm
  • Height: 1127 mm
  • Two seater chassis with single seat (option for two seats)
  • High down force, lightweight fibreglass bodywork with optional super light carbon-fibre body upgrade
  • LMP inspired highly aerodynamic CAD design
  • FIA specification front crash box
  • Electronically adjustable mirrors
  • Heated windscreen
  • Carbon Composite dashboard featuring a dash mounted brake bias adjuster
  • AIM MXG full colour customisable digital dash
  • Fully adjustable power steering
  • Pit lane speed limiter
  • Adjustable pedal box
  • Adjustable in car engine mapping
  • FIA specification foam filled, 100L fuel cell
  • Radical six-pot calipers, front fully-floating disc brakes 360mm dia. x 35mm, rear 330mm dia. x 35mm
  • Radical centre lock, single-piece cast aluminium wheels 18″ x 10.5″ dia. front and 18″ x 11.5″ dia. rear
  • Full fire extinguisher system
  • New optional Bosch ABS system & Life racing LMP derived traction control system
  • Independent brake pressure logging
  • Individual damper potentiometers
  • Steering wheel angle sensor
  • HD SmartyCam with integrated GPS
  • Air conditioning


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