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The full carbon fibre racing car from KTM Sportcar GmbH impresses with its unique, spectacular design, which - like the original model of the KTM X-BOW, which has been on the market since 2008 - it owes to the designers at KISKA. In close cooperation with the aerodynamic specialists and technicians of development partner Reiter Engineering, a breathtaking, aerodynamically perfect and technologically revolutionary racing car with a ground-breaking safety concept was created, which is just as ideal for track days as it is for professional use in racing.

$270,000 + Shipping and Duties


Carbon monocoque weighs just around 80 kilograms

GT rollcage homologated according to FIA Appendix J

Competition seat together with partner Recaro

Individually adaptable paddings

Shell is adaptable to every driver

Homologated six-point racing harness from Schroth

Front screen is made of Makrolon

Adjustable Steering wheel

Adjustable Pedal box

Electric power steering

530 bhp

650 Nm Torque 

6-piston endurance brake system with 378 mm disc diameter grips at the front

4-piston brake system with a 355 mm disc diameter at the rear


Electric gear shifter

Camera rearview mirror system

120 litre tank FT3 safety tank VLN (NLS) valve as standard

Interior ventilation

Traction control and racing ABS

eight-way adjustable traction control

Type 3 racing ABS from Continental

Aero profile suspensions

Aluminum wheel carriers

wishbones made of high-strength steel

Quick camber adjustment

MoTec motor control and MoTec data logger

Electronic fuse box from SaReNi

Audi 2.5 liter five-cylinder TFSI

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