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2010 SR3 1500cc

Radical SR3 #401

Three sets of wheels, 1 set mounted with fresh Hoosiers (1 track day), 1 set with Hoosiers with approximately 10 heat cycles, 1 set mounted with new, never used, Michelin Wets.

  • Auto blip paddle shifters
  • Aim Data
  • Oil pre-heater
  • 2 exhausts, muffled and open
  • Fresh brake pads
  • Custom-fit car cover
  • Custom jack that will lift both ends of the car
  • Odessey glass mat battery charger
  • Logbook
  • Fresh engine, more info on request
  • Carbon fiber Wing
  • Double dive planes
  • New side skirts
  • New harnesses good through 2025

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