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About Us


Primal Racing is a three-platformed business designed to give you one all-encompassing experience for improving racing performance. Our students and customers build the basic skills needed to survive on the track. Then, they can evolve to become more agile, more adaptable competitors. Racing is in our DNA, and it can become part of yours, too.

Being an effective competitor requires a solid foundation. We provide that foundation by offering hands-on racing education, effortless vehicle maintenance, and a selection of vehicles that can help you push to the head of the pack. With our support, education, and equipment, the performance you crave can be right around the corner.

Primal Racing School

Primal Racing is a Sports Car Club of America accredited racing school offering beginner and advanced programs showcasing the power and performance of the Radical SR1: the entry-level sportscar from the manufacturer that won Car of the Year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Our mission is to create the racers of tomorrow by combining the best traditions with the latest innovations. Our instructors offer a fresh perspective on race driver training that focuses on nurturing fully rounded drivers from the inside out. We offer expert training for budding racers of all skill levels – from complete novice to advanced racer and everything in between.

Alongside other facilities, we teach most of our classes at Atlanta Motorsports Park, the USA’s premier training facility. This premier location allows drivers the unique opportunity to hone their craft on the country’s most technical road circuit. And they can also do so while enjoying world-class country club hospitality.

Primal Motorsports

Radical Motorsports is famous for doing things differently, and we are one of the few licensed dealers able to offer their full line of vehicles. Our stable also includes cars from Radical Sportscars, Rush Auto Works, KTM, and we're a builder for Ultima Sports Ltd. This range offering multiple tiers of price and performance to suit our customers' exact needs. Your purchase can also be supported by the full range of Primal maintenance and performance tuning services. You can even learn to drive the vehicle at its competitive best, all in one convenient place.

Primal Performance

We offer race enthusiasts everything they need to keep their race cars in top condition! We employ the best-of-breed technologies and vehicle tuning practices. From vehicle setup, deep performance analytics, pre-race tuning, vehicle modifications, trackside support, and more! We are more than capable of fulfilling all of your race vehicles' needs! 

Contact us at to schedule an appointment today!

Meet Our Team

We believe our people are our strength. They are the energy behind our programs and the heart of our reputation. The expertise, knowledge, and care provided by our staff are at the centerpiece of our offering and differentiate us from the rest.

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