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New Radical Owner

Corey Bobo
Corey Bobo in his new Radical SR3

Corey Bobo is a relatively new member at Atlanta Motorsports Park and he quickly realized that he wanted to take his track day experience to the next level. He went 

“I had no racing experience prior to the Primal three-day school. I have been a member at AMP for about 18 months and was I tracking a BMW M2 until I realized that I wanted to do more and race in the future a little bit,” Corey said.

“I decided to move to a track-only racecar and everybody I talked to kept pointing me back to the Radicals and the SR3. Adrian and I talked for a couple of months about the Radical line and everything he told me was absolutely true. It’s an awesome vehicle. Learning to drive it is another task but so far the car has been great. It’s been reliable, it’s been exactly what I expected it to be.”

The Radical line possesses the DNA of a racecar with a lightweight chassis and downforce producing bodywork while maintaining remaining a clear option for new racers when coupled with Primal Racing School. The AMP Race Series is also a great way for Radical owners and Primal alumni to get a taste of racing in the downforce class. 

Corey praised the school’s ability to help him get adjusted to his new SR3 thanks to the overall attention to detail.

“The Primal School was very thorough. I had Anthony Lazaro and John Brunot as my instructors and they were both very well seasoned pros and very articulate in the way that they told you how to do things.”

“There was a lot of seat time in the cars. They really spent a lot of one-on-one time with you too. The instructors care about what you’re getting out of the school and you can tell with the time they spend breaking down every turn, every straightaway, everything you can do to improve yourself not only to be a faster driver but a safer driver.”

That seat time and instructor feedback could be crucial as Corey looks to compete in the downforce class of the AMP Series next season. 

“Thanks to a lot of feedback from my instructors on line choice and analyzing the data that comes from the AIM camera system by looking at the brake threshold, throttle response, and keeping that in mind since I own a Radical. I was looking for the things that I can take away and use over the next few months to help me get ready for eventually racing in the AMP series next year.”

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