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Merger with Racing Analytics

Primal Racing which was founded in 2018 has intended to help racing enthusiasts buy and enjoy their racecars to the fullest through its one-of-a-kind racing school. In the past, Primal has lacked the capacity to help with one of the biggest challenges of owning a racecar: maintenance. 

Racing Analytics, founded in 2010, began as software that calculated the optimal race-day set-up and evolved into a race shop based out of Atlanta Motorsports Park that serviced any kind of racecar. Racing Analytics has served countless racers and made the inevitable maintenance and repairs effortless for customers.

Primal Racing will merge with Racing Analytics and as part of the merger, Racing Analytics will be rebranded as Primal Performance, creating a one-stop-shop for the racing enthusiast. This makes the Primal brand an extremely convenient option for any kind of racer.

If you’re just interested in a track day we can prep the car so it’s ready when you show up until you’re ready to drop it off and head home. If you’re a more serious racer we can offer full race day support which includes, setting up the car specifically for that track, keeping the car maintained throughout the race weekend, as well as driver coaching to give you advantages over your rivals when it matters most. 

Primal Chief Executive, Adrian Dewey, explained how the acquisition simplifies the entire track day experience for racers regardless of their skill level.

“Whether you’re buying a race car, selling a race car, wanting to improve on your skills, looking to store it, need someone to maintain it, or a team to support you at your next track day or race; Primal Racing is the answer.”

Racing Analytics founder, Shea Hughes, explained the expansion of opportunities that the acquisition creates. 

“It made sense to merge because Primal had the dealership aspect and Racing Analytics had the service aspect so it made sense to put the two together. The merger opens up the door for a lot of growth and opportunities for both organizations as Primal Racing can now offer, trackside support, suspension tuning, engine tuning, driveline rebuilds, service diagnostics, and other services they weren’t able to offer before.”

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