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KTM X-Bow GTX World Premier

The X-Bow GTX is KTM’s newest addition to its lineup of track cars and is their most extreme iteration to date while maintaining the KTM DNA of lightweight racecars. Made completely from carbon fiber in collaboration with Reiter Engineering the GTX weighs just 2,200 pounds with an Audi 2.5L engine producing 530 horsepower. This creates a stunning power to weight ratio of 2kg per horsepower.

This raw power is coupled with a chassis that has been designed for the track. KTM designed the GTX with the intention of racing in a variety of GT series around the world. The added level of versatility means it handles well on any track in the world thanks to its low weight. The car can also be fine-tuned to fit your driving style and experience with adjustable ABS and traction control. 

The aggressive design is also guaranteed to turn heads with its futuristic design that also has significant aerodynamic benefits. Several ducts around the outside of the car feed air into the rear diffuser and rear wing, increasing aerodynamic efficiency while minimizing drag. Several cameras are strategically placed around the car in lieu of traditional mirrors which cause drag. 

The inside of the car seats two so you can share the adrenaline rush with friends, family, and clients. Safety has also been revolutionized in the design of the GTX which is the first car to combine a homologated monocoque with a homologated GT cage. 

The GTX has already made its track debut in the Monza 12 Hour race last month and battled for the lead against Porsche and Ferrari GT3 cars. 20 cars will be produced this year and they have already sold out and will be delivered this month. 

Above all, the safety concept of the X-BOW GTX sets new standards: It combines the tried and tested carbon fiber monocoque of the X-BOW, the basic concept of which is based on a Formula 3 monocoque, with the safety of a full-fledged roll cage, GT homologated according to FIA Appendix J. In addition, the driver sits in a Recaro competition seat, developed according to "Advanced Seat" criteria. KTM Sportcar GmbH Managing Director Michael Wölfling: “With the new X-BOW GTX, we are targeting ambitious track day pilots as well as semi-professional and professional racing drivers. In addition to the desire for the fastest lap time, the desire for the greatest possible safety is always at the top of the priority list for all pilots. With the X-BOW GTX we can combine these two wishes in the best possible way.” 

In conjunction with the 120 liter FT3 safety tank, the KTM X-BOW GTX drives further respectively longer than the competition on every track day, but also on every long-distance race, and the low weight naturally also reduces wear and tear and thus the running costs significantly. You can find a detailed overview of the complete technical highlights of the KTM X-BOW GTX (available from 230,000 EUR net) below.

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