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Primal Track Experience

The Primal Track Experience offers enthusiasts the opportunity to get on track with their own car! 
No previous track experience is required. This course is geared towards those who want an affordable entry and safe introduction to getting on track and learning the capabilities of their car in a safe & structured environment!

What's Included:

  • Lead-Follow session and Open Lapping Session
  • Auto Cross Exercise
  • Skid Pad & Ice Hill Training
  • Classroom Training
  • No prior racing experience necessary
  • Suit and helmet provided

This is a Half Day course starting at 10am and concluding at 2pm


Learn from our Professional Instructors

Our instructors come with years of motorsports experience in wheel-to-wheel competition & instruction. They've competed in various race series across the US as well as coaching with various programs & OEM manufactures. You can be assured that the instruction you will receive will constructive, encouraging, and valuable.


Yes. Whenever we go on track you are required to wear an SA2015 helmet or newer. We provide helmets if you do not own one.

Yes! We will provide each student with a race helmet. If your car has a harness then we can also provide you with a HANS device.

Yes, you can use all your own gear including a suit, helmet, HANS device, gloves, and shoes if you have them. Your helmet must be Snell SA2015 or newer.

No, we do not cover fuel. There is a fuel pump on-site at AMP that carries 93, 100, & 110 octane fuels.

Yes, you must have your car inspected by a reputable shop before attending the course. You can find the tech form above.

We will have an Auto Cross exercise and Skidpad training! Both of these modules will allow you to push your car and learn it's limits in a safe environment. We will also have a few classroom training sessions.

No. Once you take the wheel of your vehicle you are at full liability. If you have any accident you will be at full liability to cover the damages done to your car and the track.

You will get two 20 minute sessions on track.

No. Our coaches will only ride in the right seat for our Autocross and Skidpad exercises.

Our Track Experience is four hours long. The course starts at 10am and ends at 2pm.

Still have questions?

Call Us at 770-573-1010 or email us at

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