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Tyler Hoffman

Tyler’s need for speed started on two wheels at the tender age of seven with him already competing at a national level and continuing that trek on throughout high school. As a teenager, Tyler was soon taking part in autocross, track days and off-road rally racing while still finding time to act as an instructor to young kart racers.

Shortly after high school, our lead instructor made to move into prototype formula cars and road racing sports cars. During this time, Tyler continued to develop his coaching and instruction skills through high utilization telemetry, data analysis and in-car feedback.

Tyler’s extensive racing background encompasses multiple driving disciplines. His experience with on- and off-road racing as well as both two- and four-wheel vehicles allows him to give you the most well-rounded coaching experience in the business.

There is literally no situation Tyler hasn’t faced in his racing career. As an expert in both circuit driving techniques and vehicle dynamics, along with a calm and clear instructing style, Tyler will ensure you use your time on track efficiently as you work to find your car’s limit quickly.

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