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  From $28,995

The Rush SR

You can feel the grip from the tires through your hands, and through the carbon fiber seat. You hit your turn in perfectly and squeeze in more power. You are flat out at the apex, pulling 11,000 RPM and the world is really a blur as your right-hand hits the paddle for the next gear. Your heart races as you set up for the next corner, the SR is in your blood now… the Rush is on.



Technical Data
0 - 60

3.3 Sec

Top Speed

152 MPH


1000 CC (145 Hp)


924 lbs (420 Kg)


130.9" (3325 mm)


59" (1499 mm)

"The SR is designed to open up high-performance motorsport to a larger market segment of customers."
-Rush Auto Works


  • New! RAW 1 liter inline-four, Dyno tested & sealed (Suzuki CSXS components)
  • 145 HP with 11,200 RPM rev limiter
  • RAW ECU with FT Racing Flash
  • Twin dual branch headers with x-over and dual silencers


  • Six-speed sequential gearbox
  • Optional manual or electronic paddle=activated gearshift system
  • RUSH final drive with an adjustable limited-slip differential
  • Adjustable final drive ratios to suit track configuration


  • Fully adjustable RAW suspension system with front and rear unequal-length top and bottom A-arms, billet aluminum uprights with adjustable camber and toe, Ball joints, and adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Two-Way adjustable RUSH Shock system with changeable rate springs shocks provided with shock dyno data


  • Front, Hoosier 43163 7 x 13 R25A Racing Slick
  • Rear, Hoosier 43287 8 x 13 R25A Racing Slick

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 130.9” (3325 mm)
  • Width: 59” (1499 mm)
  • Height: 38.9” (990 mm)
  • Weight: 924 lbs (420 kg)


  • 4130 Chromoly TIG welded primary space frame structure
  • 1-1/2” SQR section 4130 primary tubing with 1-1/4” Rd Ducol R8 Cross bracing
  • Dual 1-3/4” Ducol R8 primary roll bar system
  • Composite Side Anti intrusion panels with high energy foam impact absorption blocks & Optional Nerf Bars
  • Front aluminum crash box and rear crash structure
  • Select sizing of seats S, M & L


  • GRP (Fiber Glass) Body panels, underfloor, and rear diffuser. 20 total panels for ease of replacement
  • Front and rear quick-connect multi-piece clamshells with AeroCatch primary attachment
  • Optional Carbon rear wing and adjustable mounts and extended front splitter


  • Single seater chassis
  • World Endurance Car, GTS, inspired aerodynamic CAD design body
  • Carbon Composite dash panel with a dash-mounted brake bias adjuster
  • RAW Billet Pedal Box
  • RAW four-pot Billet calipers front & rear on 274mm x 25mm floating 30-vane disc brakes
  • LOW Cost yet high performance


  • See Build & Price...

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