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Primal Racing is excited to list this fantastic 2012 Radical SR8-RX!

It has been meticulously maintained by it's owner and has been kept in a climate-controlled shop. The engine and gearbox were checked and maintained on a regular basis. The car was purchased by it's current owner in 2014 directly from Radical after they performed a refresh with zero hours on the engine. The car currently has 63 total hours and had an overall refresh performed just 10 engine hours ago! The car also has new wheel arch louvres and fresh paint on the nose section! Don't wait if your in the market for a fantastic SR8-RX that's ready to race!

SR8-RX Quick Specs:

  • RPX 72-degree 2.7-liter V-8
  • Produces 430bhp 260lb/ft at 10,500rpm
  • Top speed: 175 mph
  • 0-60mph: 2.7 seconds
  • 50-100mph: 4.3 seconds
  • 6-speed sequential transmission (no lift upshifts, auto blipper downshifts)
  • Weighs 680kg (1,499 lbs)

Extra Options & Features:

  • Harmon fuel cell
  • Six piston brakes
  • Kirkey seat with head restraints
  • AiM SmartCam 2, color, HD (Standard is monochrome)
  • Aim MXG data logger (color dash)
  • OMP steering wheel
  • FAST air fuel ratio meter
  • Two sets of wheels
  • Fresh powder coat on all A arms
  • New bearings in A arms
  • Has the square seal style slave cylinder (latest from Radical)
  • High temp climate upgrade recommended by Radical
  • Engine oil heater & gearbox heater to help warm up more efficiently in colder conditions

Refresh service included:

  • New Vance and Hines hard cam chains
  • New Suzuki cam chain tensioner blades
  • New cam chain tensioner internals
  • Rods, pistons, and crank crack tested
  • New big end bolts
  • New Tilton clutch plates
  • Valve clearances set
  • Throttle bodies balanced
  • New piston rings
  • Piston skirt clearance checked
  • New gearbox bearings
  • Several gears replaced
  • Crank end float checked
  • New clutch thrust bearing
  • New spark plugs
  • New crank seals
  • New wheel bearings
  • New upright bearings
  • New second gear pair (1 engine hour ago)



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