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The Best On-Track Cars Pound-for-Pound and Dollar-for-Dollar

Primal sells Radical and KTM sports cars because they give budding racers everything they need to learn how to race like a pro. Maximum downforce, nimble handling, competition-grade brakes, and a jaw-dropping power: weight ratio give track drivers the tools they need to hone their skills while getting an edge over the competition.


Primal Inventory

 KTM X-Bow Comp R Limited Edition

$169,000   $159,900

Radical SR1-1340 LHD

$72,000    59,950

Radical SR3

RSX 1500cc Double Seater

Radical SR3

1500cc Central Seat

Radical SR3 1500cc

Radical SR3 


Radical SR3 


Radical SR5


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